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Samsung Fridge Freezers Samsung's refrigerators feature modern, sleek design that elevates your kitchen. Their doors have flat panels which can be customized to various colors and finishes. The Family Hub touchscreen allows you to search recipes, manage your calendar, and play music. This model has some reviews from users, but they're all positive. This French door refrigerator comes with an old-fashioned fridge and freezer. You can also transform the middle drawer to the FlexZone with adjustable temperatures. FlexZone With flexible storage, this sleek refrigerator has room for everything you require. The RF28R7201SG comes with a FlexZone drawer that converts from freezer to refrigerator, allowing flexibility that fits your lifestyle. A customizable smart Divider helps keep your items neat and easy to locate them. The special finish helps to reduce smudges and helps minimize cleaning. It's also ENERGY certified for energy efficiency. With a large 28 cu. This French door refrigerator has plenty of space for food, beverages and fresh produce. Twin Cooling Plus prevents odour transfer between drinks and food by using separate cooling systems for the bottom freezer and refrigerator compartments. This refrigerator's patented FlexZone drawer offers four temperature settings so that you can customize your storage to meet your requirements. This counter-height cabinet has an open space that can be able to accommodate tall items such as wine bottles and party platters. The drawer defaults to the Cold Drinks setting, but can be set to Freezer to store food items frozen or iced; Fruit and Vegetables at 36 degrees to ensure fresh, crisp food; or Meat/Fish or Beverage at 39 degrees for various chilled items. The external control panel is also convenient to make quick changes, since it gives a clear overview on settings and updates. Power cooling and fast freze options lower the temperature of each compartment within minutes which allows food to remain fresher for longer. This fridge freezer comes with a handy dispenser that can provide fresh, filtered, and crushed frozen ice. Its wide opening makes it easy to fill tall pitchers and decorative glasses. SmartThings Samsung is the name that many people associate with high-end smart home technology. Samsung is the manufacturer behind some of the most advanced TVs, washing machines, dishwashers and fridges on the market. Their SmartThings fridge freezers give you the capability to monitor and track the efficiency of your fridge from any place using tablets or smartphones. SmartThings refrigerators have many features depending on the model. This includes the ability to scan the contents of your fridge, check remotely that the doors are closed, and even control your fridge from your smartphone! SmartThings Energy is a particularly useful function that allows you to monitor the use of electricity in your refrigerator and establish goals for energy savings. Another feature that is worth mentioning is Samsung's Flex Crisper drawer. It lets you to store delicate food items such as fruits and vegetables, as well as meats in an isolated temperature from the other items. This will help keep your food fresher for longer and reduce the risk of spoilage. The most advanced and feature-packed option is the Family Hub fridge. This fridge has a touchscreen which can display news, recipes, music and more. It also connects to other smart home appliances and gadgets. It comes with built-in Wi-Fi connection and is fingerprint resistant. It has an internal water dispenser, as well as a dual auto ice maker that creates both regular cubed and smaller Ice Bites ™ to quickly chill drinks. The Family Hub refrigerator is more expensive than its competitors but it comes with unique features. The Family Hub app makes it easy to connect to other Samsung smart home devices and apps which will make your kitchen more efficient. It is important to note that the Family Hub refrigerator does not include voice-based integration with Alexa, which may disappoint certain buyers. If you're thinking of buying a sophisticated Samsung fridge freezer, you can find the latest models at P.C. Richard & Son. We offer a range of fridge-freezers that feature the latest in technology, with sleek looks and the lowest prices guarantee! Bespoke Samsung's Bespoke fridge-freezer is its latest attempt to personalize its refrigerators. This model offers customizable door panels that come in a variety of colors and finishes. The panels are movable, so you can switch them out at any time to change the look of your refrigerator. look. There are other features that set this model apart from the rest of its counterparts. It has two icemakers as well as water dispensers that can be set up in various ways to serve different beverages. It also features a FlexZone with adjustable temperatures that can be used as a freezer or refrigerator. Additionally, this fridge has a built-in Wi-Fi connection and a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish. This model is ideal if you want a modern, flat-panel refrigerator with lots of space. The interior of the refrigerator is well-lit by long, bright LEDs. The main section has an inner compartment which can be customised and is known as the FlexZone by Samsung. It includes two drawers which can be used either as a freezer or a fridge. The compartment can be used as a freezer or fridge and comes with five temperature settings, which include the wine setting, deli setting, beverage setting, setting for fish and meat, and a soft freezing setting. Another distinctive feature of this refrigerator is its SmartThings app that lets you manage your fridge from any location. You can use it to track your grocery list, set reminders, and check the energy usage of your fridge. This refrigerator is ADA certified, which means that it is more accessible to people who are unable to move around to reach the controls. samsung refrigerators frydge.uk is not without its flaws. One of these is that it consumes a lot of electricity. It is more energy-intensive than other French door models we've reviewed, which is 673 kWh. It's not as efficient as the Frigidaire 21-Cubic-Foot French Door Refrigerator, which uses only 332 kWh, and has a the lowest estimated cost per year. Alexa integration is a different issue. This is a major problem because a lot of people rely on their Alexa devices to cook. We're not sure why Samsung decided not to include Alexa in the refrigerator. It's a missed chance. Space Saving The Samsung 28-Cubic Foot French Door RF28T5F01 refrigerator is an excellent choice if want a large fridge freezer. The fridge has a large freezer compartment as well as an adjustable FlexZone. It also comes with a large refrigerator. The fridge also has a number of features, including an automatic ice maker built in as well as a water dispenser. a fingerprint resistant stainless steel finish. It's a smart refrigerator which means that it can connect to the Wi-Fi network at home and utilize the Samsung SmartThings application on your smartphone to monitor the energy consumption and receive notifications. You can even set up a customized power schedule to reduce energy consumption in off-peak times. This Samsung refrigerator is ENERGY STAR Certified and consumes 56 percent less power than the GE model it is competing against. The model is available in either a full-depth 29-cubic-foot model or a the counter-depth model that is shallower, 23 cubic feet It's made to appeal to people who prefer modern flat panel doors available in different colors and finishes. You can also customize the front panel of the fridge by adding your own digital diary and notes for your housemates or family members. It comes with an integrated HD TV that can stream videos from apps like Netflix and Hulu, though it requires a Samsung account is required to access this feature. The fridge has a digital energy management system that automatically adjusts the settings to limit consumption. It also has nine sensors that monitor variables like internal temperature, humidity, and the patterns of usage. It also has an energy management system which automatically alters the settings of the refrigerator to reduce consumption. FlexZone, the temperature setting, has five different settings. This makes it easy to store various foods. There's a Fridge mode for fresh, everyday foods like dairy and deli meats and a Meat & Fish setting that keeps frozen foods ready to eat, without needing to defrost, and a Soft Freeze mode that forms a thin layer of ice that stops freezing burn and allows you to cut food easily. There's also a drawer for wine storage which is ideal to store white and red wines.